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Wellness is healthy self awareness and creating a system of balance within your lifestyle distributed amongst the 8 dimensions of wellness created by Margaret Swarbrick and Jay Yudof. Daily habits are interconnected with the 8 dimensions of wellness. Stressors are a common effect among people ranging from their physical health to their financial habits and their emotional state of mind. 

Physical : Aligns with maintaining a healthy body and being sensible to the body's needs. Effective practices for maintaining a healthy body involve exercise, a balanced diet, a regulated sleep schedule and being

in-tuned with unusual changes.


Financial : Supports the knowledge and development of stable and sustainable financial practices. Practicing healthy financial habits can improve your daily routine habits to sustaining your legacy by budgeting, saving and investing. 


Social : A hub for creating or finding a supportive network that hones social skills and develops a solid connection. These connections extend from platonic to romantic relationships. 


Spiritual : The development of values for a greater clarity of meaning and purpose. Spiritual wellness thrives through meditative and religious practices.


Intellectual : Encourages an open mind to encounter new ideas and the continual desire for knowledge. Methods to stimulate this dimension is to actively participate in scholastic, cultural and community activities.


Occupational : Strives to create a healthy work balance by contributing to your workplace in meaningful ways that cultivates life enrichment. Suggested methods are, taking mental health days, genuinely helping others and working towards what you love to do. 


Emotional : The heightened awareness and management of your emotional state in healthy and unhealthy environments. Effective practices are, therapy, spiritual / meditative rituals and healthy hobbies. 

Environmental : The coexistence and preservation of your environmental surroundings. Effective methods are, recycling, proper disposal of waste, decreasing waste, positively interacting with nature and sharing knowledge. 

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